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 "Living On The Cheap"

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The kids are grown. The nest is empty. Retired? Baby Boomer? It's life-after-work time. What to do?

Join us here for leads to bargain prices, money-saving sites, income ideas, liquidation items, close-out merchandise, affordable personal acquisitions, etc.

As the economy changes, so do shopping prices! Good for us!!

Getting older no longer means sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch. Getting older today means freedom to do the things we couldn't do when we had a full-time job.

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Perhaps you're looking at a map for a vacation getaway or perhaps you're looking at want-ads for some extra income? Either way, find some solutions here. Life is fleeting.

Seniors Making Decisions About How To Save Money On Travel

A GREAT DEAL If You're This Fortunate:

Advertise your property to thousands of travelers.Join the HomeAway Program! Monetize your second home when you're not there. What a great idea for extra cash!

$329/year membership management fee pays for itself FAST.

What is THE Biggest Single Concern To Seniors?

"Outliving Their Money"

2. Not Being Productive
2. Financial and Physical Security
2. Staying Fit and Healthy

(All equally important)

IMPORTANT **TIP: : You MUST stay informed.

Money: A declining economy. Failure of stock investments. What's a senior citizen to do when his/her retirement income has been challenged? It doesn't have to be scary.

When it comes to financial market investments, there's one man who can teach us the "yea's and nay's". It doesn't matter if we're a novice or an "experienced" investor, we need to know what, how, and when to buy/sell. We all can use a mentor.

For those of us who depended on a mutual fund or 401K plan through an employer, and just let it sit there until retirement, our future may not be so secure as we had hoped. Knowing nothing about where to put the money we have left is not an option we feel secure about.

We at "Living-On-The-Cheap" highly recommend Jim Cramer as our mentor. He is undoubtedly the man who knows what he's doing, based on his past 10 years of experience as a hedge-fund manager plus many many more years as a financial advisor.

Cramer is totally committed to helping people like us. With his 'behind-the-scenes' view, we can pick up all the hints and suggestions we need to make informed decisions about our financial futures. Get Cramer's best stock picks & his latest bestseller FREE. To learn how, CLICK HERE

One cannot fret about what is NOT, only what CAN be. We have to make it happen. Earning extra money is the way to go.

Here's a website that provides resources for a "work-at-home" job bank that may be of interest.

Not Being Productive: Cheap living often starts with retirement. Finding we cannot live on a reduced income changes our whole way of life.

Whatever you do, don't stagnate. There is LIFE AFTER RETIREMENT. Being productive with a part-time job, a second career, volunteer work, joining clubs, or traveling the roads is necessary for mental and physical well-being and therefore would be a good investment for the years to come.

People who retire and do nothing with the rest of their life age faster. Don't let that happen to you. Productivity prevents depression.

Single seniors should take advantage of relationships with other senior citizen singles. Join groups. Researchers have found senior citizens have found new romance with more intensity than when they were young. Sexual interest and engagements within the senior communities are on the rise - but without the obsessive element so common in youthful relationships.

Staying busy with a part-time job at home can be fun and rewarding. Capitalizing on a hobby or one's business experience can bring in extra income. OR . . . just start something NEW with this second part of our lives! It's never too late.

Men love to tinker with cars AND like to save money, too, so how about converting your car (or one of your cars) into a "water" car? We don't have first-hand knowledge with this "money-saving" idea, but it sounds great. Double or triple your mileage. Talk about CHEAP travel! You can buy complete "how-to" instructions and become a "water mechanic" in your own garage.

Now, along the same lines as the 'mechanic' activities above, comes another "guy" thing: If you like getting your hands dirty in the garage, you can make extra money reconditioning automotive batteries. Bring old car batteries back to life. We haven't tried this, but, again, it looked like a possible money-making opportunity for those retired men who like car mechanics. This is an e-book with lots of techniques.

Have a digital camera? Of course we do; we all take pictures of the grandchildren, don't we?? Use that digital camera to take pictures you get paid for. Imagine a walk in the park . . . what do you see that captures your interest? Snap a high resolution photo. It could bring you money. Imagine that drive in the country (does it still exist?) . . . nature calls in many places.

Get your camera out and memorialize the scene for the Internet. Order "how-to" do it here. Online stock photo companies pay around 25% if someone downloads our digital photograph. We set our own prices ($1 up to $40), depending on resolution. Istockphoto, ShutterStock, Shutterpoint, and Fotolia are 4 stock companies that buy for their inventory.

Ok, so you're stuck at home and love the computer like we do; consider an E-Bay business. It's not so difficult as you may think. We know widows and people on Social Security who create additional income by selling things on E-Bay. It can be FUN and profitable. Learn how you can become part of this continual growth company.

We have multiple companies that pay for online surveys. These are mentioned on the home page because they apply to ALL people who want to earn extra money from home, not just seniors. If you missed seeing these opportunities, go back now and scroll to the end of the main page.

Medical issues are commonplace so if we have an interest in that area, how about learning (at home, by the way) to do medical billing? There is a large market for this service. Doctors often want people who can work at home freelance. We discovered a 107-page manual that will give you all the information to start you with a home business that will bring you success and more money.


**TIP: Plan a class teaching something you know how to do and propose it in writing to your local parks and/or recreation department or college. Tutor a student in a subject you know about.

This isn't a money-maker, but maybe you can win some money from your golfing buddies if you bet your score. The EASY Golf Swing System will have you hitting those golf balls like a pro. YES, retirement can be FUN.

If you would rather rejoin the regular workforce in your senior years, the SSAI (Senior Services America Inc.) is active in 16 states of AL, CA, IA, IL, IN, MA, MD, MN, MS, NC, NY, OH, PA, TN, TX and WI. There are some requirements for their assistance.

Financial & Physical Security: Imagine the horror to find someone has compromised your identity, taken it on as their own, and put you in a nightmare maze of having to restore what's rightfully yours. Identity crime is a $50 BILLION a year business, affecting over 10 million people annually.

We've worked hard for our identities. We've worked a lifetime establishing an investment in who we are. PROTECT IT!

Always be aware! Crooks are lurking in the shadows waiting for us to click a false email address or enter our personal information on some bogus "phishing" site.

**TIP: When using the Internet:
Never reply to email messages that request your personal info.
Never click on suspicious links. Move your cursor over the link to see where it is directing you. (Viewable in the bottom of the screen, in the task bar.)
Make sure the site is secure before you enter your credit card when making a purchase. Check the yellow padlock on the status bar (bottom of screen).
Discover new tools with education: 
**TIP: When shopping around town or traveling:
On the back of your credit card on the signature block. Write down "PHOTO ID REQUIRED".
When asked to write your credit card number on your check for payments, only write the last four numbers of your account because anyone who's handling the check will have access to your credit card information.
Photocopy your driver license, credit card, passport etc. on both sides and keep it in a safe place at home. This way you will know the account # and phone # to call to cancel in case it's lost or stolen.
Never leave your receipt or slip in the ATM or gas pump. Pay attention to your habits, lock up or organize and file your bills, and bank statements. Shred them using a cross shredder before throwing them away.

You may have heard commercials for a company that specializes in ID protection. We recommend you look into it. It will protect thieves from stealing the rest of your LIFE. This is not necessarily a savings, per se, but will save you huge amounts of money if anything happens to your personal security tomorrow.

Staying Healthy How many years have we invested in our health; taking care of body, mind, and spirit? As we age, we seem to require more bodily upkeep. Medical issues often become routine.

Energy and agility fall by the wayside if we don't take care of ourselves with proper nutrition and exercise. Quality of life goes down immediately when medical bills flood the mailbox. We start to "live on the cheap" out of pure necessity.

There are, however, ways to keep healthy during the aging process. Years ago I remember reading through an old "Farmer's Almanac". It was full of "home remedies" for all types of ailments. (Actually, you can still buy it here.)

It seems as years go by and Baby Boomers reach retirement age, more and more commercials are put out by drug companies to keep the Baby Boomers "healthy" with artificial means - and nothing is cheap.

Not to say that's good or bad; just a fact.

For a great Wide selection of Health items at Huge Discounts click Here You'll find everything from nutritional supplements to bandages to monitoring systems to thermometers, etc. (from A-Z). Bookmark the site. We think you'll find what you need there.

Most senior citizens know to watch their cholesterol, but much less attention is paid to triglycerides, a fat in the blood stream that can also lead to heart disease. Physical activity and loss of extra weight (eating more fruit and vegetables, less meat and starches) can often help lower our triglyceride levels. Red yeast rice is one "health food supplement" product advertised for reducing high triglycerides.

Are you 65 years or older? You may want to try vitamins for your eyes. I never knew there was such a thing, but I have what is described as "floaters" that travel across my eyesight. This site describes what they are and how to eliminate them. Wow! What a great find!

Today more and more people are researching alternate methods of medicinal cures. We found a fantastic downloadable e-book about "advanced" health - meaning the body can cure itself in natural, safe, simple and effective ways without the use of surgery, radiation or drugs. Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up in the mornings knowing your body is responding to natural healing? Read about this advanced health care here.

Elders living alone may find preparing a meal tedious or monotonous. Perhaps teeth and gums make it difficult to chew, yet you need a healthy combination of food. Try blending smoothies! One apple, a handful of spinach, a handful of carrots mixed with one cup of water, orange juice, or cranberry juice makes a mighty tasty, quick and fulfilling "meal". Vary it with other fresh fruit and enjoy!

Fitness centers abound. Take advantage of them. Check out our more comprehensive health section right here.

**TIP: Many utility companies in cities across the United States offer senior discounts for things like water, sewer, garbage, cable, power, phone. Each company is different so please make a phone call to see if your area offers senior citizen discounts and sign up with them NOW!


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97-Page Article Containing

66 Ways To Save Money
Attaining A Debt Free Lifestyle
Consumer Resource Handbook
The Art of Money Getting (or Golden Rules for Making Money)
46 Ways To Get Money When You're Broke

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